Uganda’s COVID-19 cases surpass 300

The last time the country recorded a high figure was on May 15, when 43 cases were reported.

The Ministry of Health tweeted last night that the new cases bring the total tally to 317.

According to the ministry, “24 new cases are truck drivers - 20 arrived via Elegu, two via Malaba and one was from Lia point of entry in Arua”. 

Elegu is at the border point with South Sudan, Malaba at the Kenyan border while Lia is located on the Democratic Republic of Congo border.

The ministry added: “12 are contacts to previously confirmed truck drivers. All under quarantine.”

Meanwhile, the 26 positive foreign truck drivers were handed over to their countries of origin. 

The samples taken from border points of entry and tested yesterday stood at 1,428 while those from the community and other alerts were 802.

Uganda on Tuesday started the easing of COVID-19 lockdown, with private cars being allowed back on the roads. However, private cars in districts neighbouring surrounding countries were not allowed to move.

Plans are under way to allow other businesses that are not in arcades and shopping malls to open on June.

The health ministry has called upon citizens to continue observing the standard operating practices of social distancing, washing hands, sanitizing and wearing masks in order to prevent further spread of the virus.

The Government is also set to distribute free masks to all Ugandans following a Presidential directive where he also said that no one should be allowed in public places without a face mask.

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