REOPENING SCHOOLS: Education authorities in Wakiso District Kickoff inspections

  • Simon Nyakoojo
  • September 14, 2020
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Wakiso district education department today begins inspecting schools to ascertain whether head teachers& directors implemented the rules & guidelines given to them in regard to installing standard operating procedures (SOPs) as required by the Ministry of Health.

All education institutions from the lowest level to topmost levels halted their activities in March this year as a precautionary measure to curtail the potential spreading of the ready coronavirus pandemic that was spreading like wildfire around the world. The closure of schools nationwide saw around 15 Millions young Ugandans dispersed and potentially protected by the government from the fatal global pandemic.

Now with the schools reopening around the world, Authorities in Uganda have also made it a priority to first verify whether these educational institutions have put in place elementary precautionary measures such as Handwashing points, demarcated class rooms to enable social distance of at least 4 meters, proper ventilation among others.

Wakiso district harbouring most Uganda's most Elite secondary and primary schools in the country believed to be teaching over 100,000 students, District Health and Education Authorities have today started the inspections of the schools.

Schools are poised to reopen on 20th September 2020 beginning with candidate classes according to sources.

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