Religious leaders dissatisfied with the number of people allowed into worship places

  • Simon Nyakoojo
  • September 22, 2020
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Even after the president announced the opening of prayer centres, some religious leaders are dissatisfied with the number of people that the President set for these gatherings.

The outbreak of fatal coronavirus in uganda saw religious gatherings such as churches, mosques and crusades halted in a bid to control the spread of the virus and since then nothing had been said about the potential reopening of these places until the most recent presidential address where present Museveni finally allowed these places of worship to resume operations but observing standard operating procedures wth only 70 people allowed in one lot.

President Museveni further highlighted that these religious institutions should adopt small groups of gatherings by organising sveral masses|( for Catholics) and services( for Anglicans) with these two religious groups having the larest number of followers.

Speaking to our reporters, a section of religious leaders remain unhappy wtih the decision to limit the number insisting that the government took unfair decision and called for the revision of the decision and allow a non limited number of people into religious gatherings so long as the organisers observe standard operating procedures.


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