Panic as State House Aide’s Nudes With Side Chick Leak and Floods The internet, Wife Traumatized.

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  • June 26, 2020
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Very shaming and  shocking  pictures of State House aide Jeff Rwakanuma  and his side dish identified as Olive Agasha have leaked to Thedaily parrot news and the internet in Uganda.

Our parrots reveal Rwakanuma, who is a State House aide, is also the aspiring  Member of Parliament for Isingiro South, is cheating on his gorgeous  wife Allen Karungi and what is worse is that he is doing all these from his marital bed, something that has shocked his wife.

The trouble for this budding politician Rwakanuma started a few days back when  his Side-dish  Agasha lost one of her mobile phones, which landed in to the hands of yet to be identified people, who leaked some of her very sensitive picture online.

According to our sources, some of the pictures that were saved on her phone are those which Agasha took when she was in bed romancing with Rwakanuma.

Very shaming, nude snaps which the two took as they were enjoying a sex marathon at Rwakanuma’s marital home in Lungujja.

In some of the snaps, which we cannot publish because of the Anti-Pornography law, a visibly naked Agasha is seen flaunting her Goodies as she admires Rwakanuma’s ...........

In other pictures, they are seen relaxing together and romancing in his marital bed, which he shares with wife Karungi, the mother of his son.

Pictures of Rwakanuma in bed with some of his side-dishes have since gone viral on social media and reports  indicate that his wife Karungi was devastated on seeing some of them, because she thought he was a caring, loving and faithful husband.    

However, apart from Olive Agasha,  Rwakanuma is said to have been juggling Karungi with  several other babes, among them being Sabrina Agasha, a popular TV presenter.

We have learnt from our sources that Karungi keeps telling pals of how she is tired of Rwakanuma’s scandals and that  because of his troubles, she  has since dedicated the biggest part of her daily activities to prayer, as a way of seeking divine intervention for her current problems.

One of Olive Agasha’s nudes that have since leaked to social media

It should be noted that although Rwakanuma is married to Karungi, he spends most of his time at their marital home in Lungujja alone,  because the wife works with a bank in Kigali Rwanda.

Rwakanuma and Karungi got married in 2014, but a few years later they developed misunderstandings after she was linked to Kampala Member of Parliament Mohammed Nsereko, although they both refuted the allegations and later reunited.

Rwakanuma might be using the opportunity of his wife being away to enjoy endless sex marathons in their marital bed, well-knowing that she will never know,  because he is convinced  that no one can know about his secret boking sessions.

Jeff in bed with his Side-dish

However, the current expose is  bound to be another thunderous blow to their rather tumultuous relationship and it should be noted that efforts to reach Rwakanuma on his known phone numbers didn't secceed after he refused to answer repeated calls from our parrots.

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