Members of parliament from northern Uganda unhappy with road construction in their areas

  • Simon Nyakoojo
  • September 19, 2020
  • Political

 A section Ugandan members of parliament from northern Uganda have sanctioned government to explain the criteria followed while deciding on which roads to be tarmacked as they were expressing their grievances over the way issues concerning road contrstucion in northern Uganda are being handled compared to the regions of the country with northern region having most if tits roads still untarmacked.

The furious members of parliament noted that some roads are ever in budgets year in year out but their construction never begins citing the need to improve the road network in the region as it aids development and curtails the problem of the increased number of women who die while giving birth due to ack of good transport means.

Ms Slyvia Akello, Otukyo Member of parliament further noted that its so ashaming that there is this huge problem in northern region and very few members of the house have shown their concern but rather most them just seek re-election in the coming elections.

Many roads are in bad state in the northern region despite the excellent work being done in the national road network by Uganda National Roads Authority under the government of Uganda.

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