Lydia Jazmine speaks out after being insulted by MC Ibrah Live on a national Tv.

Just as the dust was settling on the Sheilah Gashumba vs Tina Fierce battle, Lydia Jazmine has decided to retaliate against Star TV presenter and Wolokoso Extra YouTube content creator Ibrah K. Mukasa a.k.a MC Ibrah.

Lydia Jazmine is now up in arms about MC Ibrah’s alleged constant attacks which she claims that have “deeply affected” her mother, family and friends.

Through a Tweet, Lydia Jazmine claims that MC Ibrah has constantly attacked and dragged her name in dirt which has affected her sick mother, family and friends.

Jazmine claims that the celebrated journalist has attacked her for a long time but she has always kept her cool and not responded but due to the much pain it has caused her, she demands a full apology from MC Ibrah

Lydia has also requested the Uganda Communications Commission to put an end to shows that humiliate celebrities.

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